Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am no grammar Nazi but there are times when something just sticks in my craw. I recently received an email from a person at the au pair agency. She started off the email with Firstable. When I read it, I thought it was addressed to someone named Firstable, then as I was reading it I realized she meant first of all. I figured since English was not her native tongue, her grammar could lean more on the phonetic side if she was sounding out words to spell.

Then I read a blog from someone who clearly knew the English language but started off her blog with Firstable. I had to Google it because maybe it was a new Internet word that popped up in the last few years and I was just not savvy enough or hip enough to know what that was.

Nope, it is just another word commonly misheard and misspelled.

Seriously? That is such a simple phrase, I cannot understand how people can just make up a word. Firstable, look it up folks and spell it right! Sheesh!


sarah said...

I feel like a grammar Nazi sometimes. If it's in an email from a friend I don't really pay much attention, but when it is on a business sign or website, it just irritates me. Like, the word "etiquette". I had no idea that people spell it "edicate". I saw that word on a website and I kept trying to figure out what the heck they were talking about. I thought they spelled "educate" incorrectly. Then I Googled it and realized it was a spelling error, based on the context of the site. :o/

Christina said...

Firtable Thao, not everyone has top of the notch edumacation. But here is another one - Segway instead of Segue.

NateAndJakesMom said...

I am so glad that you feel this way too!! Maybe it is the Asian in us but for goodness sake, it isn't like there isn't spell check right? I know I have typos here and there and I also know that sometimes I am so tired that I type a word phonetically from time to time but I read a post where the writer wrote "Wah La" and I about died. I know it isn't English but Voila doesn't even start with a W!! So not only is she misspelling the word, she is also mispronouncing it. God help us.

BTW: My mom is an editor and I have given her my password so she can edit my posts... so if you notice grammar/spelling errors - blame her. :)