Friday, July 3, 2009

Baby's First 4th

This is the boy's first 4th and we will probably watch fireworks on TV.
Here are the boys in their patriotic outfits. Dean was none to happy about waking up from a nap and donning the stars head gear. Sam loved it since he missed out on the bunny ears from Easter.

They both love their Buzz Lightyear and Woody stuffed toys from Cars that Tang got for them.




Wishing every one a safe 4th of July!


Nanny Dee said...

Hi -- blog hopping from MBC and found you!

Those are the cutest babies and outfits I have seen in a long time! There has to be some contest you can enter and win.

You know they're going to hate you for the existence of this pic in about 12 years, right? :D


Dr. Le-Bucklin said...

Cutest 4th of July pictures I've ever seen. Adorable!!!