Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Marriage Ref

I want to jump on the reality TV show bandwagon. Well, I got on the reality bandwagon years ago when I submitted an application to The Mole season 2. That show is one of the best reality type shows I have seen. It is thought provoking and I liked the concept of the challenges. No bug eating or swapping spouses. I made it to the phone interview and I submitted a video.

I just wasn't outgoing or entertaining enough to go any further. I was a little perturbed that the winner of that season was an Asian chic.

The parents of multiples reality shows are getting out of hand so a show about our family with just one set of twins would be uneventful. It's not like I thought of a name for our show or anything but what do you think about "Two by Two"? Catchy, right?

Now here is a casting call for a show I want to be on. Jerry Seinfeld is the creator and executive producer of The Marriage Ref, a show where couples who disagree on various topics can have their disputes settled my different refs. I have many issues with Rod, some I have written about here and others I keep to myself. I know Rod hates airing our "dirty laundry" but as he has said to me many times, I have no friends, so I must vent somehow.

The application deadline was July 28th but lucky for me, there is a casting call in August in Houston. I mentioned this to my dear husband and he is fearful that I will give him a public beat down. One of the reasons I would love to go on this show is not to publicly beat down my husband but to get some sort of resolution to our issues. It would be a different story if every time I bring up an issue, we talk through it and get it resolved. But when we have "disagreements", it is rehashing old issues because nothing ever gets resolved. I get the typical "I'll do better next time" or "it won't happen again" response but it doesn't get better and it does happen again.

Now I just need a way to get Rod over to the casting call...


NateAndJakesMom said...

I want to sign up too - If only to prove to my husband that I am totally right about everything!