Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hungry Hippo

The pediatrician told me babies should have between 24-28 ounces daily for a four month old and 28-32 ounces for a 6 month old. I remember reading the Similac guidelines being more than that. We give then 4-5 ounces about 6 times a day but they seem to be hungry even after feedings.

Every time they finish a bottle, they cry. I would give them a little more milk but because of what the doctor said, I worried about giving them too much. The doctor wanted to wait until they were six months to start them on solids as well. At the time, they were 4 months and I agreed because I felt they were not ready. But the fact that they stare at us and smack their lips whenever we are eating, I feel they are now ready. They can sit in a Bumbo or in the exersaucer and even with their adjusted age into consideration, being 4 months, they should be able to tolerate solids.

I went to my moms of multiples meeting on Monday and we had breakout sessions where we got to discuss issues with raising multiples. My main concerns were the crying after feedings and sleeping through the night. The other moms said that you can't overfeed a baby. If they are hungry then they need to eat. I do think you can overfeed a baby but I also agree that if they are legitimately hungry, then they should be fed.

I just happened to have Rod pick up a can of rice cereal on Monday. They got a little rice in their night time bottle and it seemed to decrease the amount of times they stirred and woke up. I think we will increase a little cereal at a time until they sleep through the night. Then mommy and daddy can sleep through the night and every one wins.


Leyna said...

Parents know their babies better than anyone..feed those kids if they're hungry. :) Sounds like they're healthy growing boys! Take care Thao!

Craving Cinnabon said...

Yup don't take their milk away in substitute for rice. Fatten them up as much as possible cause once they start walking, trust me they will look like sticks.