Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First feeding

The boys got their first taste of solid rice cereal this weekend. I started with Sam on Saturday. I mixed the cereal too thick and it sat on his lips. It was so funny to see him smacking his lips to try to get it off and he didn't know what to do with it.

I added some more liquid and he started sucking on the spoon. After a few spoonfuls, he started getting used to the new sensation in his mouth. After a while he was really itching to get more food and tried to grab the spoon.

Rod tried to feed Dean but Dean was having a tough time with the texture. He did eat a little but Rod decided to give up.

The next day, I gave them some more and Sam was going to town. He got mad everytime I went to feed Dean. I think Dean could take it or leave it but Sam loves the Gerber single grain rice cereal with DHA. I am going to have to check with the pediatrician about starting them on other solids so that they get more iron nutrients. According to this article, the boys may get constipated from all that cereal. I am hoping they are not too affected since it is one nighttime bottle with cereal and maybe every other day with cereal.

I am so glad that they aren't pitching fits about the cereal but it sure is messy feeding two boys at the same time. I am surprised food didn't end up all over them, on the floor, on furniture or even the ceiling. Although I think that will soon be coming when they learn to grab food and throw. I'll let hubs deal with that.


Dean eating directly from the bowl

Sam loving the Gerber rice cereal


Craving Cinnabon said...

I would recommend feeding them on breastmilk/formula just a bit more longer. Solids is just for fun before 10 months. You take calories away from them as well since milk has way more calories than solids. Rice doesn't provide any extra nutritional value so if you want give them some cereal I would go with oatmeal, or start with veggies solids, you an make guacamole!

Christina said...

that is really cute