Monday, August 31, 2009

Tumbling, stumbling

Baby stuffs is dangerous. Last Wednesday I stubbed my toe, the one next to the pinky toe on the bouncy chair. I checked it after I got to work and it was turning purple. It hurt like hell and it made me limp the rest of the day.

That night, I was on the computer upstairs when I heard Sam cry. I hobbled my way to the stairs, placed one sock covered foot on the first step, slipped, fell on my arse and slid down about 5 steps. Actually, it was more like I bounced down the steps. The glass of water I had got dumped all over me. My right arm and back got rug burned and my ego was bruised. I sat on the stairs for a minute when Rod came to my rescue. He heard loud thumps and thought one of the babies fell again.

Then the next morning, I was putting Sam in his bouncer and wouldn't you know I hit that dang chair again! In the same spot. I fell over and cried so hard. By the time I got to work, my toe was black and blue and purple and slightly magenta. It was jacked up. I limped along for two days before I could actually put a shoe on that foot. It still hurts but at least I am not limping.

I tried to take a picture of it but then I remembered I needed to shave my big toe.