Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Aspirations of a Nasal Aspirator

D has the worst sinus problems. He is always so stuffy and he wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying because he cannot breathe. The crying makes it worse and he gets even more stopped up. Then we try to clean out his nose with saline and the nose bulb and that becomes another crying meltdown. It is a vicious cycle.

The hospital bulb proved ineffective in getting into their tiny nostrils so we bought the Little Noses brand bulb. It worked some of the time but it took forever to get their noses clean. We would have to immobilize their head and hands and they would scream bloody murder until it was done.

I was tired of the battle and went in search of a better way to clean out their noses. I found battery powered aspirators, more bulbs and even one where you suck the snot out. I read review after review and was finally suckered (pun intended) into buying the Japanese model. When I first got it, I didn't like it. The tube is too short and I didn't feel it cleaned out enough snot. No one else wanted to use it so I became the designated snot sucker.

After several more times, it became easier to maneuver and it did clean out quite a bit of the sticky stuff in D's nose. He still cries because it's something going in his nose rather than his mouth. I like the the tip does not go far into the nostril. I would like for entire unit to be clear so I could see what was coming out. The tube could be longer but then it would just be more tempting for them to grab it and yank on it. All in all, it was a very good investment.

So if a nasal aspirator were to dream, it would want to be the best at sucking.

Nasal Aspirator

And this comes pretty close to the best. Do you see the sticky snot? Better in the jar than in your mouth. Cause that's snot a pretty sight.


Ginger said...

I have tried this one but have found that Nosefrida works even better, longer tube and easier to clean.s
Same price.

Jessica said...

The mouth suction nasal aspirators are dysgusting, not hygienic at all, impossible to sterilize, and expensive! Why using a straw for clearing you baby's nose? Do you know the CLEANOZ? This battery operated nasal aspirator using disposible is quick, efficient safe and are more hygienic!

Andrea Stanley said...

Sorry you're having a hard time mama!

Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy said...

Soon you won't care about the snot... just grow your nails long and dig the little boogers out. :) Well, after they dry of course. That doesn't sound all that great does it? I am such a wonderful mother.