Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One time

Ok. I never claimed to be hip or with it or even cool. Today, Justin Bieber made me feel like an old dork. I have heard his song "One Time" for some time now and I like it. It has a great beat and catchy chorus. I would dance with the boys to this song and they liked me singing it to them. Well, I would just sing the "one time" part and bounce them around the room.

I thought Justin was a 20 something black woman. Every time I heard the name on the radio, I thought they were saying Justine. I was telling the folks at work and they had no idea who I was talking about. I searched for it on YouTube and when I found the video, I was floored that it was some teeny bopper. He's 15. And white. Nothing like I imagined.

I hope I get some cool points when the boys are older, otherwise, they won't let me be seen with them. Maybe they'll let me watch 20 paces behind them at the mall.