Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

The twins' first Christmas was wonderful. We started Christmas Eve at their aunt and uncle's house. The boys got passed around to relatives and I had a chance to eat all kinds of wonderful goodies. Chili, good. Spinach dip, good. Red velvet chocolate balls, so very good.

Dean and Sam had a blast crawling around on the tile floor. They were excited by the tree and all the presents shining under it. They were so good. Until it was time for bedtime. We headed home and Dean had a meltdown, he was so tired. Sam actually slept through the screaming a crying which is a first.

Christmas day we had family come to our house. Hubby the gourmet chef made roasted pork loin, glazed carrots, cornbread stuffing, cream cheese stuffed new potatoes and bacon wrapped asparagus. It was a bit of work wrapping the asparagus but so worth it. I wish I had taken a picture of it all because it was so beautiful. And so good.

The boys were in their red pajamas loved all their presents. They also loved the gift bags and wrapping paper. They got these puppy sleeping bags from Grandma and Pawpaw. They are going to love playing and sleeping in these when they are older. The puppy head is a pillow and it is super adorable. They got the Parents Tugboat from their cousin. They loved playing with the lids and all the fun fish. Dean swings the fishing pole around and I just know he pop himself in the eye.

Their first Christmas was lots of fun and I know it will only get better when they truly understand what Christmas is about.