Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Through the Wardrobe

I am on vacation this week. Whoohoo! I cannot express how happy I am to get to stay home from work, spend time with my babies and take cat naps.

Houston Museum of Natural Science opened a site in Sugarland. The museum is small and looked like it took over a pre-existing building. There were places where walls looked like they were knocked down. Their first big exhibit is the Chronicles of Narnia. Lucky for me, I found discount tickets and we were off to see the White Witch.

Preview: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition from HMNS on Vimeo.

No picture taking was allowed inside the exhibit which was a shame because there were so many costumes and props I wanted to take pictures. It would have been so fun to get Sam and Dean sitting on the white witch's throne. Incidentally, the arm and seat of the throne were cold and wet.

After the Narnia exhibit, we took the boys to see the frogs. They don't quite know what frogs are or what to look for but Sam enjoyed slapping the glass to get their attention. We also saw some awesome quartz formations and we touched the oldest rock and a Mars rock. A very exciting day indeed.