Monday, January 4, 2010

9 & 10 months

The boys are mobile! They have so much energy and are always on the go. They continue to amaze me with their development. I highlighted some but I am sure I am missing more, I just cannot keep up.

Both boys:
*clap their hands
*tummy sleepers
*won't sit still for diaper changes - as soon as the diaper is off, so is Dean, streaking across the room
*won't sit still for the camera either
*love bath time and splashing the water
*hate getting face wet
*self feeds puff-puffs, crunchies, wagon wheels and yogurt bites, they just started on tofu, pasta and orange
*are sippie cup drinkers - they get choked up once in awhile when they become overzealous suckers
*can drink out of big cup too but half ends up all over their shirt
*are lulled to sleep during car rides
*love their new side by side stroller
*walk around furniture and toys while holding on to them
*crawl at the speed of light and tile floors are the best
*are not picky eaters and have been great at trying new foods. (Except bananas which give them the runs and peas which are just gross. At least that is how I interpret the face they make when they eat peas.)
can laugh and play with each other. Until one has a toy the other one wants, then it's a throw down. Literally. They lunge at each other and we have pull the babies apart and into opposite corners.
*rather than playing with all the educational and developmental toys I get them, they would rather play with plastic plates, diaper cream and lotion tubes, cabinet knobs, dishwasher compartment that holds detergent, door stops, remote controls, real cell phones (when they have perfectly good play phones), my glasses, camera, paper
*still don't seen to exhibit any sign language we have been teaching them
*are really good about new places and faces and can be handed off to people. As long as mom is not around which cause separation anxiety and then a tantrum ensues.
*Favorite DVDs are Brainy baby right brain and signing times
*are generally happy babies and love to play tickle, footsies or peek-a-boo
*Their squeals of laughter make my heart overflow

9 months

10 months

*9 month check up stats: 27.5", 19 lbs 4 oz (25-50%)
*hates the car seat and will wiggle his way out of the straps
*does not like to sit in the stroller for too long and tries to wiggle out of that too.
*does not like things on his head, which is sad for me because I love putting hats on them
*loves TV too much. Thanks to his had, his eyes are glued to the tube whenever his dad watches them.
*says dada quite often
*is a restless sleeper, rolls around and circles the bed until he finds a comfortable spot
*entertains himself with the simplest things. He laughs at his reflection while wearing his monster bath towel. He cracks himself up when he sees his reflection on the dryer.
*has a bald spot on the right side, hair will not grow there it seems
*may not be as photogenic as his brother because every shot looks like he is drunk

9 months

10 months

*9 month check up stats: 27", 18 lbs 7 oz (10-25%)
*practices standing on his own, he can pull himself up without the help of furniture.
*can stand for well over a minute
*when he experiences new people and surroundings, has that look on his face like he is taking it all in, he stares and stares without a peep.
*Did sleep from 8 to 5, sometimes 6. But after he got over his cold, he is now only sleeping 7:30 to 4:00, then 5 to 6. Not sure how to get him to make it over that 4 am hump and just sleep through it.
*becoming more vocal, talks quite a bit now. Nothing coherent yet.
*I suspect he is doing the sign for "all gone" because when he finishes a bite, he raises his hand above his head and waves it like he is saying all gone.
*putting him to sleep for the night has gotten easier.
*teeth are death grips and can rip paper to shreds in second. If he manages to get a piece of paper in his mouth, and he knows I am trying to dig it out, his jaw clamps shut.
*loves climbing everything, his toys, the furniture, his favorite is climbing into the laundry basket and out the other side. He has now taught Dean to do this.

These are photos from December:


sarah said...

Great post and pics!!! I, too, have a streaker when the diaper comes off. :o) And his favorite toys are straws and cloth diaper wipes - he throws them in the air and watches them fall and laughs.... How this is fun is beyond me. :o)