Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old Yeller

Yelling can help your health

Something tells me hubs won't go for more yelling from me. Even if it is for my health. What about griping, nagging and complaining? Will that give me younger looking skin, better hair and stronger nails?

Dean must be in really good health because that boy is a screamer. On top of that he shrieks like a girl. Tang was holding Sam and I had Dean and we were trying to get Oscar the cat to come over so the boys could pet him. Sam loves watching the cats and gets so excited when they come close to him. Dean on the other hand, is usually oblivious.

I finally got Oscar to come by and all of a sudden, Dean lets out the loudest, high pitched scream. He startled Tang. He startled me. And he scared both cats so badly they bolted up the stairs. Yep, he gets that from me.