Thursday, January 21, 2010

Croup is crappy

Sam and Dean both have been sick for a few days. The usual runny nose and congestion but last night, Sam had this deep, barking cough. At first, I thought it was the drainage that was making him cough like that and then I thought of whooping cough.

I took Sam to the doc and he has an upper respiratory infection and croup. The doc prescribed 3 days of steroids and lots of saline for the nose. He also suggested children's Zyrtec for the sinus symptoms.

Side note. In the BB show Anne of Green Gables (Avonlea), Minnie May (Diana's baby sister) had croup. Anne gave her an entire bottle of ipecac to induce vomiting and expel all the phlegm. I mentioned this to the doc and he said it used to be prescribed to treat poisoning but no longer. This goes to show that you should never administer treatment for ailments based on movies or tv shows. Sometimes the info is good but others, not so much.


letti said...

poor babies. I hope they get well soon, and plenty of rest for momma too.

Ohana Mama said...

Hope they feel better soon! My kids just got sick too :( Thanks for stopping by The Ohana Mama...great to see you again, Thao!!

Get better little ones!

sarah said...

sorry they're feeling bad. :o( no fun when babies are sick! Daniel has the runny nose and the croup cough started tonight. It always sounds worse at night, too. hope they feel better soon...