Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rise and Shine

Sometimes these kids do things that astound me and crack me up at the same time. DH has been taking care of Sam while he has been sick. Sam sleeps in his crib and when he wakes at night because of breathing problems, hubby co-sleeps with him until morning. Sam always stirs around 7 and is ready to start his day.

This morning, Sam starts to stir and DH can hear him moving around and breathing heavy. He feels Sam's cold fingers on his face. Then, Sam pulls on DH eyelashes and pulls up the eyelid and just stares at hubby, still breathing hard. Doesn't make a sound other than the breathing. He wanted to see if his daddy was awake to take him downstairs. The whole staring and heavy breathing kind of disturbed hubby but picturing that makes me laugh every time.