Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting fit with Wii


DH and I went to Target this past weekend to check out Wii Fit Plus. It was so very cold but the lure of $15 Target gift card for trying it out was to strong. I have been wanting to get a fitness type game for the wii and have been debating whether Fit Plus or EA Sports Active is better suited for me.

I only tried 2 games for the Fit so I am still undecided on it. DH tried a game and didn't like dealing with the balance board. I didn't mind it too much but the more info I see about EA Sports, I like it. The fact that it is customizable and interactive will make it seem like I have a personal trainer right beside me to keep me going. DH likes that he doesn't have to deal with the board. (That is DH in pic and he was told to jump but not really jump and to run but not really run on the board)

The fitness games, like tennis and volleyball which I love, look like lots of fun. I think DH would get into the baseball too. The original EA Sports is about $60 with the More workouts expansion is $40, about the same price as the Fit Plus with balance board.

I wish I would afford the EA Sports right now because I really need to get on an exercise regimen. Jolly Mom is holding a giveaway where the winner gets the Wii EA Sports Active Personal Trainer. The giveaway ends February 17th so head over to Jolly Mom and enter.