Tuesday, February 9, 2010

11 months and then some

I don't know why I even bother with this since Dean and Sam will be a year old in a week. But I need to note their development lest I forget. And for their 12 month report, it will probably be about their party and not so much developmentally focussed.

Dean is...
• a better nighttime sleeper and does not wake in the night unless he is sick or gets stuffy
• so sweet and laid back until Sam takes a toy from him and then he goes crazy
• more interested in playing with the boob than nursing, he must be on strike
• not a picky eater and will take everything put in front of him or in his mouth
• more adventurous when trying new foods
• a fast eater. He scarfs Gerber treats like he is storing food for hibernation
• growing hair in a weird pattern and almost has a comb over
• slower at climbing stairs
• getting the hang of walking but is just as happy to crawl
• scared to go down the stairs even with assistance
• a big splasher in the tub
• a talker
• a very loud talker
• going be be taller than Sam
• never going to sit still again for photos

    Sam is...
    • a daredevil and climbs everything
    • fussy and whiny whenever he does not get his way, which is almost all the time.
    • catching up to Dean in weight
    • does not like to be alone and is always in search of ways to escape his play area to find people
    • climbs stairs so fast it is scary
    • not afraid of anything, even climbing down stairs with assistance
    • has started nursing again after a 2 month boob strike
    • getting in his top tooth
    • becoming a picky eater and will squeeze food through his lips to protest
    • still without a full head of hair
    • having a hard time with the concept of sharing
    • a light sleeper and wakes to look for me, putting him to bed has been getting harder
    • suffering from separation anxiety going on the 4th month
    • the biggest mama's boy
    • prone to get respiratory infections
    • an eater of soap bubbles and a drinker or bath water


    letti said...

    the lil boys are so different but wonderfully precious. Hope Sam gets over this croupy thing!