Tuesday, April 6, 2010

13 months

They are 13 and a half months now and it seems the older they get the harder it is for me to write their progress. I wish I was better at documenting their development because my memory stinks and I won't remember any of this.

Dean is...
• is so restless at bedtime, it takes forever for him to get to sleep and Rod is scared to sleep train, I might need to intervene.
• throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way (isn't that every child?)
• loves going outside and enjoys the wind in his face
• gets so excited when he sees cats and dogs but won't reach out to pet them
• is a ferocious corn on the cob eater. He will gum every last kernel off the cob.
• gets a diaper full of corn the next day
• He might have been slower to start learning to climb the stairs but he can now climb up the stairs in record time.
• has learned to crawl down the stairs and climb off furniture after only being shown once how to scoot off.
• his top teeth have yet to come in all the way.
• has become more clingy
• is destructive with paper, will tear it to shreds
• makes a mad dash for the fridge when he sees it open
• still a loud talker
• hates diaper changes
• forms attachments to bags filled with stuff and will drag it around the house. He dragged a paper decoration ball around for 3 days straight, a helium balloon for a week.
• still hates hats and anything place on his head
• loves play dates with Samantha, host family child of Tang's friend, another au pair.
• he does the sign for milk and all gone
• when asked where his ball is, he goes around the house looking for it.
• he kicks the ball around

Sam is...
• still climbs on everything and gets into every thing
• has a horrible temper and shrieks, clenches his fist and shakes and has resorted to biting Dean when they fight
• likes corn but not on the cob
• makes a mad dash for an open gate and goes for the cat food every time
• climbs stairs but has not mastered scooting down stairs
has not grasps the concept of sliding off furniture
• has 3 top teeth
• went through a rough time sleep training but now will get on his pillow and go to sleep with minimal to no fussing.
goes down for naps pretty easily
• becoming a picky eater and will squeeze food through his lips to protest
• still without a full head of hair but gets lots of pimples
• does not share toys
• squats to poop and sometimes finds a private corner or behind couch to do the deed. Hopefully potty training him will be easy.
• still a mama's boy
• has had croup twice and went to emergency room once
• thinks is is hilarious putting a bowl on his head
• he grabs my face and goes in like he is biting me but I think it is his way of giving kisses
• likes opening and closing the safety gates
• loves saying "uh-oh"

I am always so amazed at how far they have come. They are such sweet boys and I love hearing them laugh and play. Their smiles are so genuine. They give hugs. They show their love by wanting to be close to us. I know these times go by fast and they will one day not want to be so affectionate. So Rod and I will cherish these days.


letti said...

they'll love it that their momma kept note of all the things that they were up to :)