Monday, April 5, 2010


The boys had their first Easter Egg Hunt at KAPOM's Easter social. I got them felt baskets from Target and got some eggs to practice. The boys were more interested in opening and closing the plastic eggs then putting them in the basket. I showed them how to put the eggs in but they wanted to take them out and give them to us. I must have been crazy putting them through egg hunt boot camp.

I volunteered to do the Easter social for my mom's group, held on the 28th. It was supposed to be an easy task but it ended up stressing me out because so many families attend this event. Another working mom of twins was my partner in crime and she was a huge help. She came up with the idea for cupcake decorating for the older kids. She bought the snacks and drinks and she and her mom made the cupcakes. We had fruit and veggie trays, popsorn, crackers, juice, soda and lots of cupcakes. People commented that we did a great job the that the kids had a good time. It has been a big weight off my shoulders now that it is over.

On Easter Sunday, I took Sam to Fellowship Church for their community egg hunt. Dean was napping so it was just Sam, Tang and me. I had donated some eggs that Sam and Dean got from the previous egg hunt. There were over 5000 eggs at this hunt. And it seem just as many people. Was was in the toddler section and was able to pick up a few eggs but he was still more interested in opening them. When he saw there were treats in the eggs, he was done. We put the eggs in his basket, he took them out to open.