Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Rod made bacon and chicken pita pockets for dinner. Even the kids liked it because they had just eaten and were eyeballing my plate. Sam was particularly funny because he ate all the lettuce off my plate. All of it. That is a kid after my own heart because I love lettuce.

Tang generally does not eat much but Rod said maybe she doesn't like bacon. I said who doesn't like bacon? Even vegetarians like bacon. For some reason, he thought that would make a great bacon slogan. I on the other hand, think I would be inundated with hate mail from PETA and vegans.

But seriously, if vegetarians did not like meat, why would there be meat flavored patties, chili and chicken-like nuggets? If they did not want the taste of meat, wouldn't veggie burgers taste like veggies?


Craving Cinnabon said...

I eat meat but I don't like bacon :p

Xtina said...

anyone that hates bacon hates God. LOL I am kidding - bring on the hatemail. But for real they make fake bacon for silly vegans!