Thursday, July 1, 2010

My 444th month well visit

I had my annual well woman visit this week. I normally have a list of topics prepared before I make it to the appointment but for some reason, I was ill-prepared. But I did discuss some things with the Gyn, such as bone density, birth control and baseline mammogram. I am realizing as I get older, my list of issues will only get longer.

Being Asian, I worry about bone loss and osteoporosis. Your bone density peaks at age 25 and then it goes down from there. It really goes down after menopause. I take 1200 mg of calcium daily along with Vitamin D. I still have leftover prenatals that I am taking but once those run out, I am back to Multivitamin. She said I was on the right track with that regimen and to wait on a bone density scan until age 40. Which isn't that far away.

I asked about birth control options because I did not want to deal with pills or patches. Since we are not planning on any more children, she suggested an IUD. It would be non-hormonal since I don't need cycle regulation. The Gyn would insert it while on my cycle and it is good for 1o years. I was researching it and it seems the best option for me but in looking at the actual device and how it is placed in the cervix, I am a little apprehensive about it.

Baseline mammograms are not usually recommended until 40+ but she gave me a written order for it. If insurance will pay for it, I think it will not hurt to get one. Figuratively. I mean it will hurt. Your breasts will be flattened like pancakes. How does that NOT hurt? So I will be scheduling that sometime this month.

The last thing I asked was about general health. I am not able to bounce back as quickly and easily as I once did. I get sick more often and stay sick longer. It certainly has not helped since the boys started daycare and have brought home all kinds of germs. She said the best thing to do is get more sleep. Yep. Easier said than done.