Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family full of sickos

Has it been 2 weeks since I posted? Well it has been the longest and most miserable two weeks of my life. (Other than the time Dean and Sam were in NICU, which were the longest and most miserable 3 weeks of my life)

For the past 3 weeks, I have been sick, the kids have been sick and starting this week, Rod has been sick. Since they started day care, it has been nothing but germs. Both Dean and Sam had been snotty and sniffling and coughing and all around congested. I took Sam to the pedi last month and he said it was upper respiratory and viral and he couldn't give them anything. Every few days, one or both of them would have a fever, over 100 degrees. We would give them infant pain reliever and after a couple of days, be ok. There was a day or two when the day care called and said that one of them had a high fever so Rod would take them out of school. There were days they would cough so bad, it made them throw up. Last Wednesday, Dean went to the pedi and he had an ear infection. His first. He was given antibiotics for 10 days. Two days later, Sam went and because he had been dealing with congestion for so long, he was give antibiotics for 14 days.

During all of this, I got sick. I thought it was just allergies but when the sinus drainage kept irritating my throat, my voice got hoarse. My throat was so raw, coughing, eating and drinking were terribly painful. I couldn't sleep for all the coughing. I would go to sleep with a cough drop and then I couldn't sleep for worrying I would choke to death on the cough drop. After 3 weeks of this and no sign of getting better, I went to the doctor and got antibiotics for 10 days. That was last Thursday. Wednesday was the first day my voice started getting back to normal. I am still coughing up junk but I can at least eat foods and not cry after every bite.

It is not a pretty sight having the entire family sick but with all of us on some form of antibiotic, I think we are on the road to recovery.