Monday, July 19, 2010

Smell my Yeti Smell

Stomach viruses are no fun. You know pink eye and upper respiratory infections are no fun but stomach viruses? They are no fun and not so pretty to be around. Dean started throwing up last Thursday. He was fine afterwards so he went to school. Friday morning he threw up. Rod took him to school. He threw up in the car. Dean wanted to stay and have donuts. He threw up again. I went to get him out of school. I got him in the car seat and turned to get in the driver's seat and that's when I heard the awful sound of spewing milk. I looked at Dean and could not believe the amount of projectile vomit coming from him. All that was missing was the spinning head. Of course he started wailing and I debated having him sit in the puke and make it home but decided to take him back inside to get him cleaned off. In doing this, I ended up with a shirt full of puke. He had no more changes of clothes so I took off his shirt and cleaned us both off as best I could and put him in Sam's car seat. Called the pediatrician, got an appointment, got home, got cleaned up and made it to the appointment in time to wait an hour to see the doctor.

The doctor said it was a stomach bug and gave me a prescription for when Dean throws up. I asked about Sam and he sad Sam probably already has the bug too. Got Dean home and gave him pedialyte. The doc said no solids for 24 hours but keeping food away from him was tough business. This boy was hungry and fruit flavored pedialyte was not cutting it. So I gave him some puffs and hoped I didn't end up wearing it. He seemed fine the rest of the day and he got some chicken soup and apple sauce for dinner.

Saturday night, I was putting Sam to sleep. He just finished his nighttime bottle and was laying on my chest. I shifted to put him down, Sam stirred, coughed and threw up all over me. I managed to get us out of bed and into the bathroom to get cleaned up with only some droplets of puke on the pillow. I am stealthy like that.

Handed Sam off to Sean so that I could get showered. I went into the bedroom where Dean and Rod were and since Dean was not yet asleep, he got upset when he saw me. Rod picked him up and Dean puked all over Rod.

I took Dean, stripped us both down, got in the shower and rinsed him off while Rod got out of his pukey clothes. Handed Dean off to Rod, I finished washing all the puke out of my hair, got out, took Dean from Rod so that he could take a shower. Finished dressing Dean, got him and Sam pedialyte and went back to put Sam to sleep. It was all quite comical.

The next day, I went back into the bedroom and was greeted by the foul stench of old milk and bile. And there were chunks of chicken in the tub where Rod threw all the clothes in. That part was not so comical.

I haven't even gotten into the aspect of diarrhea associated with stomach bugs.

On a more positive note, I have discovered the pure genius that is Backyardigans. How they get those animals to ballroom dance is amazing. And the lyrics are almost as funny as Veggie Tales.
I mean really? Smell my Yeti smell. Classic.


sarah said...

I love your post! Pretty hilarious, actually. I've had my share of all 3 being pukey at the same time, so I feel your pain. And when it's in the carseat - ack! Daniel was recently barfy and reminded me of the 'there's no warning from a toddler when he's about to puke' scenario. They just look at you and *blech*. :o)