Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movin' on up

Dean and Sam moved to another room at the daycare. Apparently, the room they had been on for the last 2 months was a transition room. New toddlers were coming in so they needed to make room for them in the transition room. The teachers felt Dean and Sam were the most ready. I suppose that is a good sign that the boys can handle change.

They placed them in the new room a couple days before to see how it went and the boys were fine, no crazy tantrums or reactions to the change. This past week was their 2nd full week and so far there was one incident where Dean accidentally fell on another child and that child bit Dean. No major wounds but Dean is a bite magnet. Sam has a nasty temper and loves to bite Dean. There are times when Sam gets so mad, he's ready to bite me but I give him an "I dare you to bite because I brought you into this world and I can take you out" look. He stops dead in his tracks. He is smart enough to know better than to bite his mama.

But Dean is another story. Dean is sensitive. In a word, he is a wimp. Until he learns to bite Sam back or learn to stand up for himself, he will continue to be tormented by his younger (albeit by a minute), smaller brother.

All in all, I like the day care. I met the owner and he is a good guy. I asked him to speak at my mom's group to provide insight into finding childcare and he brought lots of info to the table. I don't think I will ever be 100% happy with any place or any one caring for my kids. I am sure I would still have issues if my clone were to be their nanny. I guess because I am not 100% happy with the way I care for my kids. I could do lots better. I could feed them better foods. Not let them watch as much Backyardigans. Play chase with them and let them play outside to get their exercise and vitamin D. But I do love my boys and would do anything for them.

I think they enjoy their time at the day care. They get to play with other kids, interact with other adults and get some education and art sprinkled in with play time. It would be incredible if they learned their alphabet, counted to 50 and recited the 42 individuals who have been US Presidents (and know that Grover Cleveland served 2 terms) before they were 2. But for now, I think it is better to let them learn through play. Besides, I love the sound of their laughter.


Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy said...

Jake is older than Luke by 15 months and Luke is the tormentor! He bites so hard and I fear his new nickname will be Pit Bull as he bites and does not let go. I am afraid one day Jake's new nickname will be Stumpy when his brother bites a finger off.

Our kids have plenty of time to learn and not a lot of time to be a child. You are doing fine, they will be fine and you just sit back and enjoy the sound of their laughter.

Josh said...

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