Thursday, September 9, 2010

The fabric of my life

I don't like shopping for clothes or shoes. Most of all, I don't like shopping for undergarments. The last time I bought underwear was when I was pregnant and my belly was so big, everything I wore was uncomfortable. I bought the biggest, stretchiest, low riding-est underwear I could find. They are the most hideous pieces of clothing to ever grace my closet. Except for the green corduroy culottes I had in 4th grade. But I loved those so much, I was blinded by the fact that they were bright green, heinous and made me look like a leprechaun.

Enter Hanes. I can't remember if I found a clearance package at Target or Walmart, but it was a package of boy style shorts, 3 pair for under 4 dollars. I may have even had a coupon, which made it a better deal. I bought it thinking that they would be my chubby undies. You know, the kind you wear to all you can eat buffets and farting around the house when you feel blah (read: bloated, cranky with a tub of Cookies n' Cream ice cream in your lap)

When I put on that first pair, it was like rays of sunshine shone directly over my head and angels were singing with a melody of accompanying harps in the background. I saw the world in a whole new light and wanted to run up a mountain in a field of tulips singing the hills are alive wearing only my new undies and head band.

Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating but that is how comfortable these undies were. Nothing binds. My fat is not squeezed out creating Michelin man type rolls out the top and bottom. The leg opening is big enough to handle my thunder thighs without cutting into the skin. The waist doesn't roll so my twin skin belly stays hidden. The cotton is soft and stretchy and would even be comfortable after lunch at the $5.99 Chinese buffet. I never would have thought these chunky pieces of fabric would now be my favorite kinds. I have cleaned out my underwear drawer and tossed all my pre and post pregnancy undies. No more butt floss or granny panties for this mama.

FTC Compliant Review Policy: I was not supplied any product featured in this review. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary or product compensation. I just wanted to let the world know of my newfound love for Hanes.