Friday, September 3, 2010

Immaculate Infection

On Tuesday, I noticed Dean had all these red bumps and blisters on his legs, feet and in the diaper area. I thought maybe they were bug bites but Dean didn't exhibit signs of itchiness. The ones on the leg didn't bother me but the ones around his bottom and genitals really freaked me out. I asked the day care teacher if she noticed them and if she could watch to see how he acted that day. She said she would ask someone about them.

When I picked up the boys, she said that she did not know what the red bumps were. As I inspected Dean, I noticed more bumps coming up around his hands and and arms. I also checked Sam and saw that he was getting red bumps too. I took them to the pediatrician Thursday to get them checked out. The doctor said it was hand, foot, mouth virus. G-R-E-A-T!

It is very contagious and they more than likely got it from day care. We don't go anywhere else or come in contact with other people because I generally don't take them out on weekends. I called the day care and let them know that it is hand, foot, mouth and that they should clean their toys and check other kids. The thing that gets me is they act like this is the first they have heard of it. I know my boys did not just get this out of the blue. They had to have gotten it from coming into contact with another child's snot or spit or whatever bodily fluid came flying at my children. I wish other parents would pay more attention to their kids and what they bring home. It is not always easy for me to take time off work and take them to the pediatrician but my children's health is priority for me so I do it.

The symptoms will usually clear up within 5-7 days and already the red bumps are going away. I asked if adults get it and he said yes but not as bad as kids. I am hoping my immune system can take it because I don't want those bumps in my diaper area. The doc said the boys are clear to go back to day care on Tuesday. One silver lining is once they have been in contact with this strain of the virus, they have built up an immunity.

I kept them home Friday and I am not looking forward to being cooped up in the house this weekend. Oh, did I mention both boys have ear infections too. Joy.


letti said...

oh dear. Get well soon you two, and stay healthy, momma! :)