Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Girl Next Door

We have new neighbors. I dread seeing the for lease sign go up every time someone moves out of that house. The first owner was some guy that worked for Ryland homes. He was never home. One day Rod looked over the fence and there were piles and piles of trash bags in his back yard. No wonder he never put the trash bins out for pickup. It was gross not to mention unsanitary. I almost called the HOA on him. But he moved out and left his place trashed. You would think it was an apartment the way he left crap in his house. We looked in his windows. Disgusting.

Ever since then, there have been numerous people in and out of that house. I dread it. One family had kids that would have their dog bust through a broken board in the fence and run around in our yard. I came home one day and their little punk kid was playing with our sprinkler and turning it on. He was clever. When I started walking to their house to tell the mom that her child was messing with our sprinkler, he ran ahead of me to get in the house. Then he lied when his mom, who was on the cell phone, asked if he was "messin' with the lady's sprinkler." Of course he said no.

Then there was the family with teeny bopper cheerleaders for kids. I think they invited the entire pep squad to come over to jump on their trampoline and recite cheers. I had my own glee club next door.

We saw a giveaway sign from some church planted in the front yard right after the teeny bopper tramps (you know, because they jumped on the trampoline) moved out. We thought the owners were giving away the house in a raffle. I met "C" this weekend. She was outside chatting with Rod's friend. She introduced herself, her tween son and said her other kid was sleeping in the car. She is petite. And divorced. And cute. And very nervous because she was certainly chatty.
She is very involved in her church, hence the giveaway sign, which I was disappointed to find out it was not for the house. I would totally use it for storage. But she is having bible study at the house this weekend.

Rod met her while he was taking the boys for a walk. I asked him what he thought of her. Without hesitation, he said she looked like a hooker and had big boobs. I never noticed her boobs because I only saw her at night working in the yard. She seems really nice so I don't want to judge her by her bra size. I think I will only worry when Rod starts going to Bible study.