Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby I'm Amazed

I am constantly shocked and awed by the ability of babies to develop into little human beings. When D & S were brought home from NICU, they were so tiny, so helpless and fragile. I would cry because I could not believe the gift that we were given and yet so scared because I had no idea what to do with them. As they developed and hit various milestones like holding their held up, holding their bottle, sitting up, crawling, walking and climbing, even do a few signs, I would look at them and constantly remind myself that they grow so fast and to take it all in.

Now at 19 months, I am still even more amazed at the capacity that toddlers learn. At no other time in our lives are we able to absorb and learn as much as a toddler. D & S have been "talking" their own special toddler speak for months. Now they are starting to make sense. Dean has a great ear. He can listen to us say a word and he will repeat it. He is interested in his foam bath letters and as he puts them on the tub wall, he will say a random letter. He looks through books and points and says what he thinks the animal or object is. Right now, everything is "bucket" but we are working on it.

But the thing that makes me Rod smile and laugh is when the kids do something so out of the blue where we are ask each other if we taught them that. Rod was looking through an animal book with the boys and Rod was calling out the animals. He gets to the chicken and Rod says "chicken." Dean says chicken and flaps his arms like a chicken. I didn't teach him and Rod didn't teach him that so he must have learned in day care.

They are much more interactive these days and I am excited for them as they learn new words. I will be even more excited when they stop saying no every time I need them to do something. They get that from their father.