Monday, October 4, 2010

48 hours

That is how long the boys have been gone. Rod whisked them away Saturday to spend the day with their grandmother. Partly to let me have some time to myself to get stuff done but mostly to regain my sanity.

I won't lie. I am stressed. Between the demands of work and home, it has gotten pretty hairy trying to find that elusive work/life balance I keep hearing about. I am so thankful that Rod finally found a job. After having been unemployed for over a year, his unemployment benefits were coming to an end. During that time, it was a constant struggle with bills. Unfortunately, a dwindling savings account is the byproduct of that. We finished with another sale to get rid of some kids stuff but we still have a lot left over. We need to do another garage sale but it is exhausting getting crap ready, trying to get people to buy the crap and then packing the crap away to do all over again at a later date. Crap has to be more valuable and more desirable after sitting in the garage and attic collecting dust, right? RIGHT?

I am also stressed about Dean and Sam's health. The boys have been sick with one thing after another. The ear infections, upper respiratory infections, hand, foot, mouth virus, pink eye, croup and allergies have kept all of us up too many nights to count. It seems my weak immune system can no longer handle allergies and sinus drainage. What once was an ailment I quickly recovered from after taking Benadryl and vitamins, is now a a serious nuisance. Every time my allergies flare up, I get such a bad sore throat that I lose my voice or become hoarse for weeks. I am still suffering from the most recent flare up. I am coughing so hard, I feel like my lungs are going to shoot right through my ribs. When I breathe, I wheeze and my chest rattles. I really need to see a doctor to make sure there is no serious infection in my lungs. Am I supposed to fall apart this early?

Work has been so busy for me. I am attending more meetings which takes me away from the office so I can't get anything done when I am out. I don't mind meetings but I hate going to them when I am feeling under the weather. Then I have to explain my hoarseness and my coughing so that people don't think I am infectious. When I get back to the office, I am always rushing around to get things done before I have to leave to get the kids.

That is my day, wake up, get them dressed and out the door, get them into the daycare, fight traffic for an hour to get to, work, work, work, fight traffic to get to the daycare, get them into the car (with a little bribery from sugary fruit snacks that will rot their teeth), start dinner, distract them with TV that will rot their brain so I can finish dinner, feed them while simultaneously shoving food in my mouth while standing at the kitchen counter, clear dishes, play with them, read to them, get them into the bathtub, speed clean them, get them out of the tub, fight with them to get lotion on every inch of their body, fight with them to brush their teeth so that they won't rot and fall out, get them into bed, get them to stay in bed, wake up after having fallen asleep trying to keep them in bed, sneak out of the bedroom to get ready for bed and lastly, falling face first into bed.

So other than all the above, I have it pretty easy, no?


Rachel said...

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat