Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't look a gift horse

I love a good deal. What's even better than a good deal? Several great deals. I am not into garage sales and don't make a business out of it like some people. However, I am liking the community garage sales. I went to one this weekend and look what I scored for all of $23.

The brownie pan and giant cupcake pan were brand new. The owner received them as a gift from her brother but she is not a baker. Her husband said the boxes have never been cracked. I later saw an ad in CVS for the giant cupcake pan for $19.99. I know that brownie pan also sells for about $20. I don't really bake either but you never know when you might need to throw together a giant cupcake. I am now prepared for such occasions. Besides that pan does double duty as Dean's Devo hat.

I got a Leappad and Leapfrog Imagination desk for $3 each. The Imagination desk is discontinued and no longer supported by Leap Frog but you can still download pages to print. The Leap Frog phonics writing desk would have only been .50 but I opened my big mouth and said are your sure, so he charged me $1. But I was fine with giving him the extra .50. The Little People play set was $5.

My favorite find was the rocking horse. It must have been mother/daughter working the sale. I did not see a price for the wooden rocking horse so I asked how much. The mother said that it had been in the nursery and she was not sure of the price. When she told me $3, I said sold! I gave her my money, she handed it to her daughter who asked if that was for the horse. I heard very little of the exchange because I was running off with my new horse. I certainly didn't want to be chased down if she was intending to sell the horse for more than that. It is a very well made horse, definitely worth more than what I paid.

I try not to get in the habit of buying so many toys for the kids but when the deal is a good one, I am going to take it. Plus, when the kids are done with these items, I can always sell them at our garage sale. There is another community sale this weekend. Maybe I will get lucky again. I would love to find a play table for them to do art projects.


sarah said...

good deal on the horse! i can picture you dashing out of the yard with the horse stashed under your arm...hah!!