Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Costume Ideas for twins

Having twins opens up quite a number of ideas for costumes. I think boy/girl twins would have given me twice as many ideas but boy/boy twins allows me to choose from comic book characters, heroes and villains, Donkey/Puss in boots, R2D2/C3PO, Fred/Barney and even Peanut Butter and Jelly. I wish I had the time to make something. Even something simple as iron ons but I simply have no time or energy to do it. I guess I could get sweatpants and t-shirts in different colors and we could go as crayons.

Last year we were all pirates. I got their costume from Babies R Us at the last minute and they were marked 50% off.

Maybe next year, I can get some folks together to organize a costume swap between all the parents of multiples clubs. It would certainly save me money but also help the environment by re-wearing costumes.

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Costume ideas for twins

My Organized Chaos (edited to add, Tammi put together a huge list of costumes for B/B, B/G,G/G twins. Thanks so much. I think I will be referring to this list for a few more years.)

It is still up in the air about what we are doing this year. Maybe I can still squeeze them into their Thing 1 Thing 2 outfits that I made for their first birthday party. It might be a tight fit but I can always say this is what happens when Thing 1 Thing 2 get into the cookies and cream ice cream.