Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween 2010

I know, I know. It is almost Thanksgiving and I am writing about Halloween. But I realized that I forgot to post about it.

This is the only good picture of the two of them from KAPOM's halloween social.

These are the pumpkins we got from the Oktoberfest at MB Sugarland. I found some printables on Family Fun and decorated the pumpkins. These lasted a good 3 minutes and 24 seconds before Sam and Dean tore the eyes off and ripped the mouths and noses. Sigh. That's pretty much the modus operandi for my boys. Death and destruction to all holiday decorations!

On Halloween Day, we attended a church event at which the boys had no interest. But they seemed to have a great time on the playground.

Sam riding solo in his "batmobile"

This is the "Bat Cave"

Or it could be the headquarters to the he-man woman haters club, because they both told me to stay out!

I shopped the after Halloween clearances at Walmart and Target and found some great costume deals. Hopefully they won't mind going as pirates or ninjas for the next two years. They can always be used for dress up play.