Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing My Dynamic Duo

This was at the KAPOM Halloween social on Sunday. I love the Robin swagger from Sam. Dean's face is priceless. As if I never have a camera in his face.

Batman and Robin was Rod's idea. I have no problem with superheroes but I had other plans for Halloween. I wanted the boys to be Woody and Buzz Lightyear. I wanted to be Jessie. Rod could have had his pick of ANY other character in the Toy Story family. Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, Soldier, even an Alien. But was he going to do that? So he convinced me to get Batman and Robin. I knew Dean and Sam would never go for the face masks. They hate anything covering their heads. Rod tried put the masks on to see if they would mimic him but they obviously take after me and didn't fall for his trickery.

These costumes are HUGE on my little preemie 20 month olds. The size is toddler from 1-2 years but of course they have to size them on the bigger end. The legs on Sam's costume were about 4 inches too long. The sleeves on Dean's costume kept covering his hands so he couldn't eat. I was worried the kids would trip over their capes making them the clumsiest superheroes ever to grace the story boards of DC comics.

I got a Catwoman costume made of some kind of body hugging vinyl and elastic. The picture of the product didn't seem like it would be body hugging. Being a mommy with lots of wobbly bits, I have no desire to look like a fat cat. I got it in and could barely get into it. I was so worried I would rip a seam but I got it on. The face mask must have been sewn from a cone head model because it gave me a weird bump on my head. When Rod saw it he liked the way it looked but you know how self body image is. I looked like a fat car with a cone head.

I was so disappointed because I wanted a family theme. I ended up getting some sticky backed foam. Rod used it to cut ears and he attached it to an old head band. I should have done that in the first place. It would have been a dollar costume since all I had to buy was the foam. Rod dressed in a vest and tie and went as Alfred. We have other Halloween festivities to attend so I will try to get pictures of all of us. Maybe by Saturday, I will have lost enough weight to fit into the cat suit. Pray for me because it would take a Meow-ricle.


letti said...

They look so handsome in their outfits.. and i'm sure momma and er, Alfred look equally fetching :) What fun!