Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you BTFE?

I am a collector. Rod uses the term pack rat. Whatever you call it, I think it is OCD. Well, maybe I wouldn't call it hoarder. They have shows about and non of those people seem grounded in reality.

One of the things I collect are Box Tops For Education points.

Registered schools with grades K-8 can get money for supplies. When I first noticed these things many years ago, I thought they were like the Betty Crocker points where you can send in for merchandise. When I found out what they were, I really didn't see a point in collecting them. I had no kids. I had friends that had kids but that is not a topic that comes up often. "Hey, I collect BTFE. Do you BTFE?"

Within the last year, I have been a mad collector. When I see products with extra tops, I dig through my coupon book to see if I can get it. I get mad if Rod throws away any containers without checking for tops. He already thinks I am crazy so what is one more fanatical behavior? But it benefits other people. It would be entirely unacceptable if I was crazy for selfish reasons but collecting tops is for the greater good. I like being of use and being helpful to people.

The kids are only in daycare and it will be several years before they start kindergarten so I am not collecting for them yet. But when the kids start school, it is going to be a BTFE mad house up in here. I donate them to friends. My friend's children really like taking them to school because they get recognized by the teachers for contributing to the school. If you don't collect BTFE, I would encourage you to do so. Use an old yogurt cup on the counter to collect the tops. If you have school aged kids, have them turn them in. If you don't have school aged kids, donate them to friends or put them on You would be doing good my being a collector.


Xtina said...

you should tell me. I buy tons of canned food products and soups and i am sure they have those box tops things on em