Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Struedel and fried rice

That was our diet on Saturday. We had a busy day with a family photo session in the morning. We went home, got a change of clothes for the boys and drove to the Mercedes-Benz Oktoberfest event while the boys took a nap. Dean tried his first plate of sauerkraut and German sausage. Sam and I stuck with the pretzels, sausage and potatoes. We got our picture taken, looked at some cars that we will never afford, danced to some polka, looked at fish in the fish tank, then grabbed some pumpkins and left.

We went home for a nap. By "we" I mean Rod and Dean and Sam got a nap. Mama never gets a nap. I had to get ready for my cousin's wedding later that night. It was a traditional Vietnamese wedding which means lots of pomp and circumstance, lots of picture taking, lots of changes in clothing (for the bride) and lots of food spread over lots of time. It think there were 10 courses, we left after the 8th one. The food was good but the boys were cranky so we left before cake was served. Dean and Sam were actually good for the 3.5 hours we were there. This is all the food we took home because no one else at the table wanted it.

At one point Sam was bored and decided to make his own grape kabob.

It was an exhausting day and we were all so tired, we slept in til 7:30 am on Sunday!