Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Side businesses where I tell you nothing

I have been looking into doing something on the side to make money. Rod was unemployed for over a year and with a family of four on one small income, it has been a challenge making ends meet. I think that has spurred me to find ways to bring in extra money. I have spent months researching and planning and developing ideas.

I don't really have a lot of extra time or money so it needs to be very little effort for a big return. My list has 3 things so far. The first of which is to have a fire sale to get rid of all my crafting supplies. I have tons of scrap booking and sewing supplies. It fills up my entire office. I could make some of my money back since many of my scrapbook supplies are still unopened. The problem is this will take way too much time to organize and plan. Besides that, I can't seem to let go of things because I might need them someday.

Rod is supposed to be helping me create a logo for my new "business." I am keeping this one "under wraps" until I get my online shop set up and products made. I am very excited about this because I can get back to creating something and hopefully bring in some extra cash.

I signed up to be an agent today for this other business venture. I did have to provide registration payment so it was not free but I hope to make it back in the first quarter next year. I am not going to reveal that one either since I will make the debut when my stuff comes in. I know this sounds like I am taking on so much. And I am. Even though I am lazy, I seem to be driven to keep busy with stuff.

So stick around, things are starting to brew.