Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bargain hunting

I love a good deal. Black Friday is a great time for people to snag incredible deals, especially on toys and electronics. Now there are deals leading up to Black Friday. It's called grey week monotone deal days or something like that. It happens the week before Black Friday and even the week of Thanksgiving.

Being a bargain hunter, I couldn't NOT take advantage.

Target had some bargains. I got the Fisher Price exclusive Nativity set for half off. But the best deal was on Leapster products.

The Tag Jr Reader was on clearance 2 weeks ago for $20 and Target had a $10 off coupon and there was a $5 mfg coupon. This would have made the reader just under $5. I searched 3 different Targets and could not find it on clearance. I found one but it was priced at $30 which would have made it $15. That was just not a good enough deal. I never did find one and the mfg coupon expired.

Target had a deal for the regular Tag reader books for buy one get one free. The interwebs had a mfg coupon for $5 off tag book over $9. The books varied in price from $9.99 to $13.99. While I was digging around the display looking for tag reader books, I saw the Tag Jr reader box tucked away behind the regular reader. I knew it was the one that was clearance from 2 weeks prior. I wanted to snatch that box up but I didn't have my $10 Target coupon. I drove home, grabbed the coupon and drove back to Target all the while praying that no other savvy shopper would get down on all fours to rummage behind the shelves to grab the box.

I got back and it was still there. It was like the heavens opened up and the Leapster Gods smiled down at me, wanting me to have that reader. I did a price check and it was $19.98. I got it for $10 with coupon.

I also got 12 Tag books. With the sale and coupons, it ended up averaging $2 a book.

Now, I know you might be thinking I am crazy, the tag books don't work with the Tag Jr. However, the Tag Reading System pen will work with Tag Junior books. I now have 2 Tag Jr book pals and several Jr books so I am set there. I figured I will eventually find a deal on the pens and then I will already have the books. Even if I don't get the pens, I can always sell the books on eBay. Win-win!


Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy said...

I got confused there with the Tag Reader, Junior, pen thingy... Maybe I need to get one of them Leapster Tag thingy for me?

You are my idol. I used to be a great bargain shopper. Now I just buy whenever because I am lazy. I so need to move to Texas and be your friend. Then you can do my shopping for me?