Monday, December 13, 2010

House Party - Gerber Generations

If you are not familiar with, you should check it out. I had joined a few years ago and I never really applied to host a party until this year. I think I applied to 4 parties, one of which was the Star Wars wii game launch. That would have been more of a party for Rod.I am sure my household did not fit the demographic but if they knew my husband, when it comes to The Force Unleashed on wii, he is a 10 year old.

I finally got picked to host the Gerber Generation Celebration House Party. I knew I would be receiving some products but I had no idea I would get all this.

It was two huge boxes of samples of Gerber food products, bags, bibs, snacks, informational material and party supplies. I was super excited after seeing all the goodies. The House Party site is a great source for event ideas for games. You can get ideas from other people around the US hosting the same party. I printed out some of the games online.

They send you a how to manual and it explained the various products in the sample box. They also suggested a display of the products. This was what I came up with.

You don't have to spend a ton of money on a House Party. I already had several Gerber products so I used them in the display too. There are so many Gerber food products, I wanted to showcase as many as possible.

For finger foods, I had a veggie and fruit tray and chips and dip. I also had some recipes from Gerber using baby food as ingredients. I planned to make the Carrot Applesauce cake, Peach bars and Toddler Pot pie. These were my ingredients.

I ran out of time and did not get to make the Toddler pot pie. The peach bars were not my favorite. I was pleasantly surprised that the Carrot applesauce cake came out so well. It was really good. I ate half of it with cream cheese icing. Not all in one sitting of course.

I found some list pads, post-it pads and stickers in the Target dollar section and thought up a theme around these favors. My theme was "Fall-ing for Gerber." You don't have to have favors. With the House Party supplies, there are plenty of things guests will go home with. However, if you want to add some small token of appreciation for guests coming, the dollar section is an economical way to do that.

Gerber's biggest fans got to eat some crunchies while I was preparing for the party.

I wish I could have held this party on a different day. Being the weekend before Thanksgiving, folks were going out of town or already had plans. I will know better for next time if I get the chance. I want to do more parties, especially if I can bring products that I use and information to people.