Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas card photo and Santa pictures

One of the things I splurge on is a Christmas outfit for the boys and a family photo. We went back to JC Penney's to do the family photo and I am so thankful we did not have the baby drama from last year's photo shoot.

Choosing photos is the hardest part. By the time I am viewing the photos, the kids are restless and nearing epic meltdown similar in magnitude to Chernobyl. I like that JCP can get you in and out quickly, however there is one issue that likens them to street peddlers or hookers. To get a deal, you have to buy right then and there. If you want to use a coupon, you cannot leave without placing an order. (Well, that's where JCP differs from street peddlers and hookers unless the economy has forced them to offer coupons to keep their clientele.) On top of this sales tactic, as soon as you leave, they jack up the price. You don't get the chance to view the images online and make an informed decision. I am always in a hurry to select my photos but I have been fortunate in the past. I choose photos based on process of elimination. All the ones where I am not photogenic or have a kid's hand on my boob get nixed right off the bat.

This time, I was not so lucky. The photo Nazi lady who was helping me select photos kept pushing this particular one telling me how great I looked. I wasn't to sure since the photos are not so clear on that tiny screen. She said I looked well rested and alive so I chose the one she was pushing. I am glad I did not get many prints or spend much money because after I got the pic, I hated the photo. Well rested and alive? More like deer in headlights loaded up on Monster energy drink.

I looked at the online photos and ended up getting an entirely different print. Thank you Lord for sending me a coupon code. I got these cards too and I love how it turned out.

As for the Santa picture, that was a different story.

Santa looked good. My niece was beautiful. Sam looks like Frankenstein and Dean looks like he wants to strangle someone. The photographer took a quick picture and we whisked the kids right off of Santa's lap.

We had another opportunity to get a picture with Santa at KAPOM's cookies with Santa social. Another fail.

Third time with Santa was at the daycare. This is another reason I love their school.
Apparently, the secret is distraction using sugary candy treats. Sam is not entirely convinced that the old, hairy, rotund guy is not out to steal his toys. At least he managed not to scream bloody murder the entire time.

Taking the kid's pictures will get easier as they get older, right? If not, I guess friends and family will be seeing this year's photo in future Christmas cards.