Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Crafts 2010

As busy as I have this season, I managed to squeeze out some holiday crafts. Any of these ideas can be used throughout the year.

I made treats for the kids in S & D's daycare class using these supplies.

I used old stickers showcasing the boy's two tooth grin to seal the paper.

For the administrative ladies at the daycare, I cut gift bags from cereal boxes and gave KAPOM cookbooks.

It may look cheesy, but when it is a "green" gift, it automatically pushes that item into the awesome category. If I had more time, I would have covered the boxes with old scraps of scrapbook paper.

For the teachers, I added a vinyl initial to reusable box bags. There was the option of embroidering them but that would have cost too much so I used my Cricut to cut vinyl letters. (KAPOM sold these Mixed bags as our fundraiser and they are awesome bags, not just because they are green but they are sturdy and come in stylish designs.)

I made personalized milk carton candy treat boxes to give M&M candies to the school.
These are about 5 1/2 inches tall and hold an entire bag of M&M candies of the plain, pretzel and peanut butter variety.

The gift we gave to friends and family was a decorated foaming hand soap bottle with recipe tag.
I used rub-ons to decorate the back of the bottles since that was a smooth clean surface.

I added letters to the front (which is now the back) to indicate soap and water fill lines.

This is one I gave to sis. Instead of a rub-on, I used bling adhesive. I like this idea to spruce up a simple toiletry item and you can coordinate your decor for cheap.

One of the easiest items I made was a personalized candy bar box.

I always like creating personalized or hand made gifts. It is a money saver and can be personalized to the recipient. I am not sure if the recipients like them or if they think I am one cheap hag.