Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010 recap

I guess I better post about Christmas before too much time passes.

We spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day at Rod's sister's house. The boys love playing with their cousin, who happens to be the world's best cousin. There was no need for stuffed turkey because with as much food as I ate, I filled that position. I wish I had not donated my maternity pants, that stretchy panel would have been so comfy.

I always approach Christmas with mixed feelings. I guess if I had more money to spend, I would feel differently. I stress about the gift giving aspect. I don't worry so much about hubby's gift or even things for the boys. They would enjoy the shipping box more than the actual item that came in the box. I don't ever know what to get people. My problem is I give things that I would love to get. Maybe because I secretly hope the recipient hates it so much and chunk it at me out of spite and anger. Then I get to keep it.

Not really.

I just don't know what to get.

I also have a hard time giving people a wish list. I buy stuff for myself and never expect people to get me things. When I do ask for something, it's more practical. Like asking Rod to clean the cat puke and hair off furniture. I don't want to do it and it would make me deliriously happy if someone were to do that for me. (hint to hubby: there is still cat puke on my craft rolling cart)

Anyways, it was a great Christmas. We got to spend time with family and we got some great gifts from Rod's mom , who is entirely too generous. I wanted the boys to have a toddler size table and chairs. I had been looking at those square folding table and chairs but I am glad I held off on getting it. They got a beautiful white Carolina table and blue chairs and Discovery Kids play tent and tunnel from grandma. Dean got Leapfrog Scout and Sam got Violet in addition to the sit and spin from their aunt and uncle and cousin.

Santa brought them a bowling set and the bouncy balls with the handle. The balls are too big for them and Rod had to help them bounce on it. I would have thought Santa knew every one's size and therefore gotten something more age appropriate. I'm not complaining about Santa, just saying.

I am so thankful for my new bathrobe. It replaces an 11 year old bathrobe that was slowly deteriorating. But the gift I am most excited about is the Zoku quick pop maker. Homemade frozen pop treats in less than 7 minutes? Even the most impatient toddler will still think that is 7 minutes too long to wait for something but I think this device is awesome.

I was able to get Rod one combined Christmas / birthday gift. Sometimes it stinks to have a birthday so close to a gifting holiday but this was pretty hefty so that's all he got. I got him passes for 5 people to paintball. Thanks to Groupon he can invite 4 people to paintball all day and get the crap knocked out of him. Fun times!

Sam loves cousin M.

The real reason for that bear hug was to distract cousin M so he could steal her American Girl doll.

Daddy assisted bouncing.

Getting the hang of the sit and spin

Sam has not come to the realization that the diaper does indeed make his butt too big.

Sam is not one to let the junk in his trunk keep him from enjoying tea time with grandma.

Sam: Bro, can I have a bite of that delectable Harry & David chocolate covered graham cracker, that is neither organic nor of any nutritional value?

Dean: No way, bro.

Sam: S'ok. I got my own. Just wanted a bite of yours.