Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog Housekeeping

I have been so busy that things are getting neglected. Household chores, office slash craft room cleanup and reorganization, spring cleaning for garage sales and this blog have played musical chairs on my back burner for the last month. I am determined to get a post in before the end of the week, which means a baseboard or two will not get dusted. The blog changes so far...

I cleaned up lots of old links in the sidebar. I added more links to the shopping section. I love a great deal and I have been (semi) obsessed about all these daily deal sites. I have posted my affiliate and referral links under the shopping section. If you would like to support this blog (and not my daily deal habit), please shop through those links. I have plans to post deals, sales and specials periodically. I would like to do this daily but for now "periodically" is what I am committing to.

I don't even think my husband reads this blog so I removed him from the About section. My next update will be my info since it has been over 2 years since the last bio.

You can subscribe to this blog which will send notification when I update posts. This will prevent blog rage when you visit the blog, anticipating an entertaining read, only to find posts 2 weeks old and then sending me hate comments.

Everything after the linky love section is for my other obsession, entering giveaways. Those buttons are posted to allow extra giveaway entries. If you are interested in finding more info on giveaways or entering, just pick a blog and read about them. If you have time to commit to this, you can win lots of stuff.

My ultimate goal is to have a blog makeover. I like this free template but there aren't options for me to expand columns which would help me keep sections less cluttered. Hopefully I can get that going during the first half of the year. So far, I have accomplished one this from my list at the top. Blog post down, 103 more things to do before the end of January.

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