Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm a Busy Bee

It has been such a busy time for me these last couple of weeks, months even. Every weekend in April is booked with some event, function or activity revolving around the kids or Katy Area Parents of Multiples. I like the hustle and bustle but there are times, like right now at 1:15 in the morning, I wish I can drift off to sleep.

We just had a club garage sale that was a huge success for all. I even made a little money and cleared out some of the kid's cothes and toys. The Easter social is this weekend and I am hoping it will be a huge blast for all the kids. My first Texas Mother's of Multiples convention is coming up I am looking forward to learning new things at all the seminars I signed up for. It will mean one night away from my boys and I am looking forward to some me time.

March of Dimes fundraising has kept me busy too. As a team co-captain, I have been monitoring our progress and trying to help with the fundraising effort. As a group, we have almost raised over $3500. That is the most money KAPOM has raised since they have been involved in March of Dimes and I couldn't be more proud of our walkers. I am also very appreciative of the generous donations so many people have given. These times are tough and for people to give as they have, it makes me even more thankful. I am $235 away from my personal goal and although I may not reach it (not for lack of trying!) I feel I have helped preemies in some way. We have an event called Bunco for Babies coming up and it should be a fun Ladies night since the buy in is $15 and a bottle of spirits. I might be the only designated driver since I cannot handle the drink. If you want to help me get closer to my goal, you can donate at Team Powell. My preemies thank you.

As much as I am excited about my first March of Dimes March for Babies, I have placed it a little off to the side. Not in the backburner, just not focusing on all the fundraising things I could be doing. I have lots of ideas but these will have to be planned for next year.

All my attention has been redirected to Team Linus. Information about The Harmeson family and their three beautiful triplet boys can be found at A Story of Two Moms so I won't go into too much detail. A friend mentioned that she was working on some fundraisers to help Robin and Trina and that is all I needed to hear. I had read the blog for a few months so I knew Linus has CHD was in distress, which is a gross understatement. I have never met the Harmeson's but I tell you, the way Robin writes, you feel like you are an old friend of the family. She is so honest and so candid and even has a way of bringing humor to a not so humorous subject.

Somehow I inducted myself into Team Linus. I have mad Internet and research skills and insomnia and that is what I can offer. My heart aches when I see pictures of Linus and although there is nothing I can do to help him directly, I can offer up my time and my mad spreadsheet skills to help with the auction. So in the next few weeks, I am hijacking this blog to post about the Team Linus auction and other fundraisers being planned. We have a great lineup of products including adorable hand made clothing and accessory items for kids. This is your chance to get wonderful products and help out an amazing family. Join the Team Linus page or subscribe/follow this blog to get updates.