Friday, April 8, 2011

The Oil Ranch

I had bought a Savvy Source deal for half off a family 4 pack to The Oil Ranch. It's located in Hockley which is about an hour away from us but I figured it would be something we could do one weekend. I had no idea what was out there but it seemed like a good deal.

Because the coupon was going to expire soon, we decided to make the trip Saturday 3/19. Sam and Dean's cousin and Grandma met us out there. It was such a beautiful day. There was a nice, cool breeze and it wasn't too hot.

I had no idea how big this place was or how many things there was to do there.

So much open land for a two year old to run and run and run.

Bouncing around the bounce house. I wish I had a big enough yard for one of these.

Or one of these swings made from a tire. I wonder if that is BPA free?

Inspecting the baby goat

I think D is checking the baby goat for cavities.

Train ride

We had such a good time and will definitely go again.