Saturday, April 9, 2011

Team Linus Auction - Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan on bidding in the Team Linus Facebook auction you need to have your privacy settings changed to the choice EVERYONE so everyone can see your comments. You need to do this for any device from which you bid in case your phone settings are different from your computer settings. This way, all bids will show!! You can change it back when the auction on the item you are bidding on is closed. This will allow everyone to see the bid and keeps the bidding fair. Thank you and happy bidding. We will add this reminder message to all auction items as well.

1. Auction items will be listed on the wall of the Team Linus Facebook community page.

2. Additional information may be found in the “Discussions” area of the page, if listing specifies.

3. Bids must be made in round dollar amounts.

4. Bids will be collected for the time period specified in the auction listing.

5. Bids will be placed by commenting on auction item on Team Linus Auction page

6. Team Linus Organizers (hereafter referred to as“Organizers”) will list the first comment with the reserve (minimum bid amount) if applicable. Not all items will have a reserve.

7. Organizers reserve the right to delete bids that do not meet the specified reserve.

8. Organizers will close auction with final comment at the specified time in the listing. The highest bidder will win the item.

9. Organizers reserve the right to hold an email tie breaker, if necessary.

10. Organizers reserve the right to cancel auction item at anytime.


1. Winner must have a PayPal account in order to donate their winning bid monies. Potential bidders can sign up for an account here:

2. Winner will be contacted by team Linus organizers with instructions on submitting donation, including the web address needed to submit donation. Instructions may be in the form of a PayPal invoice.

3. If the vendor is sending out the auction item, upon receipt of funds from winner, organizers will contact vendor with winner’s information. Vendor will arrange distribution of product/gift certificate.

4. All other items not shipped from vendor will be shipped by organizers.