Saturday, April 9, 2011

Team Linus auction - Get ready

The auction will begin April 11, 2011 at 8 am Central time. Please review the Terms and Conditions posted here and on the Team Linus Facebook page under the Notes section.

Additional notes and housekeeping guidelines:

*Certain items will have a post on this blog to describe the item in detail and to provide photos of said item. I will make every effort to provide the blog post in advance of the auction start so that bidders have time to review the item.

*Each auction will be posted on the Team Linus Facebook Page under the PHOTOS section located on the left panel. There may be several photos up but they may not be active. Auctions that have started will have the name and auction number as well as the value, start and end time and location. For example, "Auction #1 - 1000 packages of baby wipes." There may be a link to the detailed description on this blog.

*Interested bidders must change their privacy setting to allow EVERYONE to see your bid. You can change the settings back after auction closes. This allows the bidding process to be fair and to prevent duplicate bids. Should the auction have a tie bid after auction ends, there will be an email run-off.

*Each blog post will begin with TL Auction # and will contain this information:

Item: Name of the Item

Value: Retail price of item

Location: This is where items can be shipped. For example, US and Canada designation means that item can only be shipped to addresses in the US or Canada. If you are the winning bidder and live outside of the location designated, your bid will not be accepted and item goes to the next highest bidder.

Reserve: Starting bid. Organizers reserve the right to remove any bids that do not meet the reserve price

Auction start: Times are in Central Time Zone 

Auction end: Times are in Central Time Zone, all auctions will end at 8pm Central on the designated end date. Bids placed after the auction end time will be removed. Organizers reserve the right to remove bids that do not follow guidelines stated in this post or in terms and conditions.

Questions about the item: If you have any questions about the item that has not been addressed in the description, you many contact the individial directly.

*There may be multiple live auctions running concurrently. Please make sure you read the description and place your bid on the correct photo. Bids placed on non-auction or inactive items cannot be honored.

*You may subscribe to this blog by entering your email under the subscribe section on the right. (under the March of Dimes section) You will need to confirm your subscription in order to get notices. You can unsubscribe at any time.

*Questions about the auction and bidding process should be directed to me via email at

*Last but not least, donated items were given generously by the artist or company. Please visit their website or 'like" their facebook page and thank them for their generosity. Organizers would not be able to hold this auction without their wonderful donations.

*Most importantly, have fun and show your love for Linus by bidding generously!


The Wholesome Duchess said...

Can't wait! I'm telling all my friends about it too!!

googl said...

Great! Simulate the excitement of live bidding, or acting as the fast-talking auctioneer.

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