Monday, May 9, 2011

TL Auction #64 - UV Skinz family 4 pack

Item: Family 4 pack of UV Skinz items, winners choice
Value: $75 - $175 (depending on items you select)
Location: US
Reserve: $40
Auction start: 5/10 8:00 am Central
Auction end: 5/12 8:00 pm Central
Questions about the item: info @

The winner of this auction can choose four Skinz items of their choice from the UV Skinz website. There are so many items to choose from shirts to shorts to hats. Items are single items and not combo items. UV Shades and accessories not included.

Don't know what UV Skinz are? Check out these photos.

To understand the foundation of UV Skinz, you must understand the legacy from which UV Skinz was born. You must understand Darren’s story. Please take a moment to read about Darren.

Skin cancer is 100% preventable if caught early! Protecting your skin during the first 18 years of life can reduce the risk of some types of skin cancer by up to 78%. Darren wants his children and ALL children to be safe from the dangers of the sun. But we must take action toward eradicating this disease. Educate yourself! Enjoy all that life has to offer under the sun but BE SUN SAFE!

For more information on Darren’s story, please visit

UV SKINZ MISSION from Rhonda Sparks - President UV Skinz, Inc.

After I lost my 32-year old husband to skin cancer, just three days after the tragic 9-11 occurrence of 2001, I decided my life’s mission would be to raise awareness about the disease anyway I could. Getting kids covered all over the world is an impactful way to make a difference and thus, UV Skinz was born.

UV Skinz is not an afterthought as are swimshirt lines for other national companies that carry multiple clothing lines. UV Skinz produces swimshirts and focuses on providing the highest quality, hippest designs so that kids literally want to “Live in our Skinz” and not take them off. Our customer service, attention to detail, responsiveness and experience allow us to provide that extra measure of value which inspires invaluable customer loyalty. We care about our products and the ability of our clients who wear them to enjoy living under the sun.

Everyone should feel free in the sun wearing UV Skinz. Join us in our mission to GET KIDS COVERED!

I want to personally thank Rhonda and Sarah at UV Skinz for their incredible kindness and generosity. When I contacted them about donating to the auction, not only did they provide an amazing package but they also sent me 3 skinz for Simon, Dexter and Linus. It didn't stop there. I received a box of materials to hand out and umbrella hats to give away. (These umbrella hats are awesome and I got to model it at the meeting.) The informational materials were made available to members of Katy Area Parents of Multiples at our May meeting and the umbrella hats were used as raffle giveaways. The raffle brought in an additional $90 for The Harmeson Family. The brochures will also be mailed to auction winners.

Rhonda and Sarah, thank you so much! You can visit UV Skinz on Facebook and give them a big Thank You for supporting Team Linus and for giving Simon, Linus and Dexter their own Skinz!

More information on UV Skinz in their brochure and at UV Skinz blog.