Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TL Auction #95 - Python Printables party 4-pack

Item: Python Printables party 4-pack
Value: $80
Location: US
Reserve: $25
Auction start: 5/31 8:00 am Central
Auction end: 6/2 8:00 pm Central
Questions about the item: ashley @ python-printable-games.com

Winner will get 4 party packs with the following themes. That's 93 printables that can be used for party games for your events. Brings another level of fun to your parties!

Luau party games comes with:
Luau Invitations, Moo-Luau Mad Libs, Lei It On Me Ice-Breaker, Luau Printable Paper Dolls, Beach Party Theme Gift Exchange, Luau Newlywed Game, Survival of the Fittest Party Game, Naughty or Nice food game for kids, Pin the Parrot on the Pirate game for kids, Luau Synonym Quiz, California Trivia, Hawaii Trivia, Beers of the World Placemat Trivia, Famous Beach Movies Trivia, Fast Food Trivia, Cocktails Trivia, Hot Actors Trivia, US Beers Trivia Match, Hawaii Five-O Trivia

Picnic game ideas comes with:
Kids' Games Pack of seven activities, Camp-Tastic Mad Libs, Beer Trivia, Champagne Trivia, Nutrition Trivia, Saucy Buns Mad Libs, Cheese Trivia, Chocolate Trivia, Wine Trivia, Bread Trivia

Father's Day games comes with:
Fathers and Sons Match Trivia, Who Knows Father Best? quiz, Saucy Buns BBQ mad libs game, Superhero Trivia, Dad-Father-Pop-Pater Synonyms game, Father's Day Trivia, Beer Trivia multi-choice, Dad Treasure Hunt for kids

United States trivia pack comes with trivia games for all 50 states. Each game contains 15 trivia questions and answers about a state of the Union, including funny laws and customs, geographical features, state trees, flowers and slogans, tourist attractions, historical highlights, famous people, Presidents and much, much more!

About Python Printables:
Printables are superb value. You pay a low, low price and print as many copies of each game as you need. Did more guests show up unexpectedly? Simply print a few extra sheets! Whether you're entertaining four or 40 people, our fun games packs are unbeatable value for money.

In these tight economic times, we believe in giving top return for your entertaining dollar. Our instant download system means there's NO shipping cost or wait time. There's no such thing as leaving the games too late with Python Printable Games!

There are printable games for all occasions such as milestone birthdays and holidays, even scavenger hunts. Most games are suitable for all ages which means fun for the entire family.

Thank you to Ashley and Python printable games for a super fun donation to support Team Linus.