Monday, June 27, 2011

Why there won't be a Pink Lantern

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship Evil's might
Beware my power:
Green Lantern's Light!

I am a sucker for a good comic book superhero movie. Especially ones with cutie patooties as the main character. And Ryan Reynolds, who plays Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern, has more patooties than even Sandra Bullock can handle.

If you have not seen the movie and do not want to know anything about it, read no further, may contain spoilers.

Green Lantern progresses at a very good pace, I don't recall there being a slow point in the movie. Well, other than the scenes with Ryan and Blake. I guess all that lovey dovey sensitive stuff is necessary for that love story to progress but blah, blah, blah. There is lots of action and the effects are pretty spectacular, especiallyduring the ring conjuring scenes.Blake Lively, oh how I want to not like her but I can't do it. Not in this film. She annoyed me in the pants movies but as Carol, the love interest, she was neither slutty nor blonde. The movie scored points for that.

The movie has a PG-13 rating but there really wasn't much sexual content or profanity. Parallax, the evil, fear-harvesting being is very big and scary. And he gets bigger and scarier as the movie progresses so kids might get freaked out about that part. I will be getting this one on Blu-ray but definitely not letting kids watch it for a long while. You can always check out Kids in mind to get content analysis on movies.

As much as I like Supergirl and the Batman movies (yes, even Batman and Robin), Green Lantern is by far my favorite DC Comics based movie. Go see it. Make it a date night movie. Action, special effects and superheroes for him, Ryan Reynolds for her.

I like discussing comic book lore with the Hubs. I learn so much and it reminds me that he is still the geek I fell in love with.

The ride home went something like this:

Thao: I liked it. The action was good, the story was good.
Rod: Yeah, I thought it was good too. I think it made a much better movie choice than X-Men.
T: Yep. I never seem to have problems watching Ryan Reynolds in his underwear. Go figure.
R: Temuera Morrison who plays Abin Sur played Jango Fett
T: Really? Looked nothing like him. How do you say his name? Avin thur? Advent sure?
R: Abin Sur
T: That's a cool name. If we have any more kids, we should name him Abin Sur.
R: I don't think so. We are not naming kids after the Green Lantern Corp
T: How about Hal Jordan? Hal Jordan Powell. That has a ring to it.
R: haha, ring. you're funny.
T: I know. But you like Hal Jordan Powell don't you?
R: Yeah, it would be a cool name. I liked the way they used the color yellow for fear and green for will. The comic books never went into that. Now that they have the yellow ring, they should make a red one.
T: For anger?
R: For hatred.
T: Won't work. You can't have 2 bad rings and only 1 good ring. The balance of good and evil will be torn asunder. If you have a red one, then you need a pink one. For love.
R: Now way.
T: Why not.
R: All the other Lanterns would make fun of him.

And that is why there will never be a Pink Lantern.