Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Surf and Turf

I love having twins and watching them develop their own individual personalities. My boys are like night and day. Yin and Yang. Hamburger and chicken chow mein. Yes, that different.

We visited family over Memorial weekend and the boys had a chance to swim in a real pool. Both of them wore swim vests and both of them were introduced to the noodle.

Sam took to the pool like a fish. He has a "no fear" attitude (as evidenced by many furniture climbing episodes) and grabbed that pool noodle like a boss. He certainly did not get this skill set from me but I am so glad he is not scared of the water. He freestyle floated in the hot (lukewarm) tub with no noodle. I am sure he swallowed 1/10 of his body weight in chlorinated water but he had such a great time.

kickin' and swimmin' 
(click on pic to see short video)

Dean is so scared to be in the water without clinging for dear life to some other human life form. No amount of coaxing or bribery worked to get him to hang on to a noodle. He definitely needs swim lessons.

For the first time in a long time, I went in the water. I have always been self conscious in a bathing suit and even at my thinnest, have never worn a two piece. My $29 bathing suit from Marshall's was not the most slimming of garments but being able to enjoy the water, in the water, with my kids was something wonderful.