Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Festive Moments...in the bathroom

3 Reasons why I find this product disturbing

1. Snowflakes and bow on the packaging - How long has this been in the restroom? If it is a limited edition scent from 2012, then people are definitely not using enough of this. Which means that every time I go into a smelly restroom after someone dropped poopy napalm and someone comes in after me, they think I did it. Not cool.

2. Vanilla Sugar Cookies - Why would a bathroom product have a scent that reminds you of food?
I don't want vanilla sugar cookies associated with what goes on in the restroom. It would be like Pavlov's dog. Every time I would eat a sugar cookie, would I feel the urge to thing one or thing two?

3. Festive Moments - Unless I get a call or better yet, a visit while on the porcelain throne from Publisher's Clearing House to tell me I just won a gajillion dollars, there are no festive moments happening in the restroom. Ever.
But if they happened to make that pit stop, there better be confetti, balloons and even sugar cookies.